Cowork Code

Welcome to Clock In! It’s not just a space where you work, it’s where you are part of the community.

Like all communities, we have a code to stand by:

  1. Be nice. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Hopefully you’ll know if you’re not being nice. We’ll tell you if we need to. You will be asked to shape up and if you don’t, you will be asked to leave. We realize that might sound harsh, but we have to protect the community.
  2. We encourage Clock In members to buy/sell goods and services from each other (except where prohibited under the Terms of Use). However, don’t spend your days directly soliciting other members. It’s not nice.
  3. Clock In is, first and foremost, a place to work. While we want our community to be: a) open, fun, and collaborative, we also want it to be b) professional. Members are responsible for properly balancing a) and b).
  4. Be accountable for your guests. If you bring guests, students, partners – any label you apply – if you in any way for any means bring a person or persons into Clock In, they are your responsibility. It’s your job to make sure they follow the Cowork Code.
  5. Clock In keys are NOT transferable. Please do not give your keys to anyone else for any reason.
  6. We expect members to keep the pantry clean. Do your dishes. Do your guest’s dishes. Don’t leave your dirty dishes lying around. It’s not nice.
  7. Caffeine is the lifeblood of Clock In. If you drink the last cup of coffee, please make a new pot. The easiest way to rankle your fellow caffeine-addicted members is to leave 0.36% of a cup at the bottom of the pot. Don’t do that. It’s not nice.
  8. Access to the Meeting Room is one of the great benefits of Clock In membership. Here’s some stuff regarding meeting rooms:
    1. If you want to use a meeting room, you must reserve it. Please, no meeting room squatting. It’s not nice.
    2. You may not re-sell or donate your meeting room time to non-members or outside groups.
    3. Please clean up after using a meeting room. If you re-arrange the furniture in the meeting room, we expect that you will return it to the original set-up when you’re finished.
    4. The Meeting room are for meetings with customers, teammates, and clients ONLY. If you want to hold an event at Clock In, please talk to the friendly Clock In staff to discuss scheduling, guest policy, insurance requirements, and fees.
  9. The Social Hall and Library are shared workspaces. Here’s how we can all happily and productively share these spaces together:
    1. The Social Hall is for more open, collaborative work while the Library is for quieter, more focused work.
    2. Please make phone calls in the Social Hall. Speaker phones are never allowed at Clock In, except when in a meeting room or your private office.
    3. Please occupy only one spot at a time in the common areas. Taking up multiple spots limits the space available to your fellow members. Do not do that. It’s not nice.
    4. “The One Hour Rule”: Feel free to leave your stuff in the Social Hall and Library. But if you’ll be gone for longer than an hour, please pack your stuff up so the spot is available to another member.
  10. Clock In is a secured space. We have a friendly security guard and CCTVs to monitor the space. However, we also expect members to be mindful of security at all times. Look out for each other and your valuables.

If you need help with anything or just want to chat about your latest scheme to save mankind, do approach us.

We’re nice.